10. Independence is a loney place.


Tori was getting adjusted to life aboard a starship. Her alarm would would wake her and and she’d have breakfast then it was classes. She also tutored some kids in math. She was looking forward to getting to Earth and seeing other survivors from her world, hopefully even reconnecting with her family. Sure, she socialized with the other survivors on the Alice Marie. In the afternoon she wandered the ship or went to her cabin and napped. She was independent and other than required classes she was left to her own devices. This was her typical daily routine. Her com buzzed.

“Yes?” Tori recognized the girl on the screen. From her Interrelationships and Social Skills Development class.

“Hi, I’m Cindi, we are in a class together, would you come play some games with us?”

Tori looked at the com, thought about the invite,

“Sure, I’ll be there.” She took a quick shower and put on some comfortable clothes.

For the next couple hours Tori played with dragons, unicorns, and fairies. Tori, for the very first time in her life, was just a little girl. Not a child prodigy. Not a survivor of a calamity that few had ever experienced. Just a 12yr old girl. She was so much happier than she’d even been since being rescued. Soon Cindi’s mom called her and her sisters home. Tori crashed, suddenly so much lonelier than she’d ever been. She left the VR Room and returned to her cabin. She got in bed, wrapped herself around a pillow. She missed her mom so much. Tori cried herself to sleep.


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