Mission Control.


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Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen, this is your bridge crew speaking:

Starship Gypsies is the brainchild of Jerry from jdawgswords and dalecooper57 from Diary of an Internet Nobody and is intended to be an open-ended fiction project, hopefully featuring multiple writers, artists and anyone else we can convince to cruise the blogosphere with us.

If you’re a writer, an artist, a graphics designer or just a sci-fi nerd looking for like-minded folks to share your ideas with and you think you may have something to contribute, let us know and join the crew.

Contact us at:


{Photos by those nice folks st NASA}

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  1. ok… this looks awesome… I am working on a lot of projects right now, but I would love to be in the loop… writing… images… whatever… but you have to remind me now and then, because I have crack squirrels in my head…

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    1. Oh man, you have made my day. We’re about to post the first couple of episodes any minute now, so you can see what you think of our mad idea. It’s all pretty seat-of-the-pants at the moment and I for one am making it up as I go along.
      We would absolutely love to have you aboard, where is the best place to reach you when I want to give you a prod?

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      1. I’ve written a few sci-fi short stories more recently, since I got hooked on fiction writing. I also have an ongoing fiction project that I’m also posting on my main blog, Diary of an Internet Nobody, in episodes as I get around to writing it.


      2. we have done blog posts where I started a sci fi story… or horror story… with one paragraph and then had people add to it. That gets out of hand. I even tried to have people join in to write a tasteful porn script… ha. I have a short story that me and a guy took turns writing every other chapter… ‘The Heirloom’… up in the top bar. And we have that post… on the top of the side bar, where we gathered over 40,000 comments, a wordpress record… and that evolved into some funny writing stuff.

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      3. I will check all that out when I get the chance,. Just been putting some finishing touches to the site, I hope it hasn’t spoiled your enjoyment of the opening ceremony.


      1. that’s cool…maybe they could collaborate with dad and you could be a family unit aboard the IGV Alice Marie…might work but dad would probably do most of the work